Premium Curtain Suppliers in JB

We supplier curtains to Singapore too,
including curtain installation services.









Our Projects

Every curtain designs to customized
to fit your room settings.









Johor Window Blinds Supplier

Our window blinds comes with
blind accessories to match your needs.









From JB to Singapore, our floor covers all.

Get your curtains to match
your flooring from us.

Specialized in quality curtain supplies, window blinds,
wallpapers, carpets and flooring supplies in JB.


Our team are possessed with rich experience in window dressing and home decorating related industries and we are always ready to site visit in order to satisfied customer needs.


Long-lasting fabrics that are prepared to handle the stress and mess of any active household, helping reduce the need for cleaning or replacement from heavy wear-and-tear over time.


Our curtains can be ordered in a variety of lengths to allow you have the perfect options to suite your decor and lifestyle.

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